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Ballenberg is an open air museum that shows what Switzerland used to look like in the past. It contains over 100 century-old buildings that had been moved here from their original locations.
Church Alpine huts
ChurchAlpine huts
Many of the courtyards featured farm animals, including the traditional bell-adorned cows.
Piglets getting a drink
Piglets getting a drink
House and garden Straw wagon Hat shop
House and gardenStraw wagonHat shop
Fence made of sticks
Fence made of sticks
Wagon with logs Forest path Wine barrels
Wagon with logsForest pathWine barrels
Potted plants in a window Barbershop Traditional bedroom
Potted plants in a windowBarbershopTraditional bedroom
Wood cutting machine powered by a water wheel Water wheel
Wood cutting machine powered by a water wheelWater wheel


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